It’s always good to know! Use our ring sizer to
find your size.

Follow these steps to find out your ring size today.

Ring Sizer
  1. Print out and cut out the ring sizer along the blue outline.
  2. Make a small slit along the dotted line.
  3. With the ring sizer numbers towards the outside, place the pointed tail end through the cut slit making a circle.
  4. Place the ring sizer around the finger you want to measure and pull the tab until the ring sizer is tight
  5. The number on the ring sizer scale will be your ring size.

Need to figure out the size of a ring.

Ring Sizer Chart
  1. Print the below ring sizer chart at a 100%. Note: Make sure that the line at bottom of the image measures exactly 135mm.
  2. Place your ring on the ring sizer that the blue circle is exactly touching the inside of your ring. By following this process, you will get the correct ring size.

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